Success Stories


September, 2014

– I have been a teacher at Horizon Science Academy Elementary for three years; in those three years I have grown personally and professionally, and truly enjoy the work environment that is in our building.   Maurice B- HSA Teacher

-My granddaughters are both high achievers and are excelling academically. I attribute this to first-rate teachers who take time to get to know their students, and teach them their subjects with in-depth knowledge and preparation.  Debbie W.- grandmother of 2 HSA students

-I have previous experience subbing in public schools, teaching in parochial schools, and in another Columbus charter.  I left that other charter because I did not believe in the way students were being educated and in the way the faculty was treated.  At HSA, I was encouraged to continue and finish my Master’s degree, and  I have always been made to feel encouraged in my teaching style and the classroom I choose to serve in.    Kristen J.- HSA Teacher.

– I like the small class size that allows the teachers to concentrate on his/her students.  I love the color charts which allows the class to know how well they are doing.   Parent of HSA student

– I love this school because they really help my child strive to achieve greater.  She is doing great, now student of the month she truly enjoys the learning atmosphere and teachers.  HSA Parent

Posted February 2011

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time, effort and genuine care shown to my family during our time at the elementary school.  Before Deja was enrolled in Horizon elementary school, she was in a very negative academic environment and we weren’t sure what school to send her to. Once she was enrolled in Horizon, she blossomed and was able to work up to her full potential in a safe, well managed atmosphere that encouraged her love for learning and involvement in extra-curricular activities.  Horizon Elementary is an excellent program.

Dana Reid, Parent

Posted November 2010

My daughter and niece attend Horizon Science Academy Elementary. This school is amazing! The teachers challenge and encourage kids to do the best they can. My kids love going to school, they are very eager to learn. The first thing they do when they come home from school is their homework only because their teachers told them how important homework is. I am very grateful for HSA staff, the teachers and the director Mr. Alper it is good to see you every morning and afternoon helping kids getting in and out of cars. HSA is not religious school as some people think; it is like a good private school without the tuition. Thanks,


Posted November 2010

I just want to thank you for providing such an outstanding school. You have excellent teachers – my wife and I can’t believe how much our son has learned and most importantly – he loves Horizon Science Academy.

Farhan Osman

Posted February 2009

Our son, James and my grandson Joshua attend Horizon Science Academy Elementary (both in Kindergarten classes) and the teachers’ sincerity, Dedication and the staff are a true blessing to charter schools. James attended Public School in 2007 and the classroom had about 30 students and 1 teacher. HSA only has 18-20 students per class and that is a good ratio. The students can really spend time with the teacher and also get to know all the students in their classroom. HSA Elementary is a thriving school and I plan on re-enrolling my son and my grandson if he continues to live with me. Joshua has special education needs and they have been adamant about getting his needs met.

Mrs. Darlene Roberson

Posted September2008

This school has just been amazing! When my children got here they could barely read anything, couldn’t spell or barely write anything. They were just not doing well at all. There’s a lot of teamwork in this school. The teachers listen to what the parents have to say. I tell everyone this school is like having your own upper level private school without the tuition costs. I would recommend it highly to anyone. It’s a wonderful school. I’ve had a great experience here. I love it.

Jana Griffin – Parent

Posted September 2008

My children have learned more discipline. My children are so much more structured and more disciplined as far as study time. I don’t even have to tell them to do their homework. They automatically come home and go do their homework.

Mrs. Robinson

Posted May 16th, 2009

Last year, at another school, my son was said to have a discipline problem. He has not had any problems this year and is one of the top students in his class.

Mr. Lambert

Posted May 16th, 2009

My daughter is a transfer student. I would like to praise the school. She has improved a whole lot. I don’t have to tell her to do the homework I would like to thank the school and the whole staff.

Ms. Claussel


Posted May 16th, 2009

Since coming to Horizon Science Academy I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in my daughter’s GPA. I am really grateful for this school, Ms. Becker and all the staff.

Posted May 16th, 2009

I’d like to thank Ms. Hazelwood. I don’t know what you are doing to these kids but Tim comes home, straight to his room, gets his homework done. I never have to say “Tim, did you finish your homework today” My son is so involved and so motivated to get his work done. It frees me up to help my other children, too. Congratulations to you and thank you for what you are doing at this school.

Mrs. Hairston

Posted May 16th, 2009

Horizon Science Academy is the number one school in Columbus, Ohio. My daughter is a kindergartener. She likes to do her homework. Thanks to the teachers. Mrs. Duffy is amazing.